Byzantine Music Lessons

David The Psalmist is pleased to offer complimentary Byzantine Music classes for the furthering of Byzantine musicology in our community in this historial and beautiful tradition. 

David the Psalmist Byzantine Music School aims to introduce students to Byzantine Music, to impart our knowledge to the next generation, so that our rich history of ecclesiastical music can exist for many generations to come. 

Our music classes operate in two streams. The first stream is a practically oriented class, focusing on the practice and rehersal of Byzantine hymnology in a group class format. Students are required to have an "ear" for music and a thirst for self-study in preparation for class and/or recital events.  Students in this class could expect to participate in the David The Psalmist choir functions once a level of comfort with chanting in a public forum is reached. 


The second stream is the deeper study of Byzantine musicology from the perspective of its role in Greek Orthodox worship. Students can expect to learn how to recognize Byzantine music symbols, read the alphabet of Byzantine Music and learn the 8 tones of the Byzantine Music system through practical exercises and study of real hymns & songs.  Students in this class can expect to participate in the David The Psalmist choir in senior functions once they have passed their introductory year.  


In 2016 the class locations are:

  • St Eustathios - 221 Dorcas St, South Melbourne  

  • Sts Raphael, Nicholas & Irene - 531 Centre Rd, Bentleigh

  • Holy Epiphany - 2 Petrie St, Frankston

  • Holy Trinity - 319 Burnley St, Richmond

  • Sts Anargiri -  85/83-87 Willesden Rd, Oakleigh

For more information, please submit an online enquiry